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I would like to quote Dr. Margaret Gaglione a board certified internal medicine physician and bariatric specialist.

“The number of overweight and obese people in the United States is staggering. Statistics indicate that two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, with one-third being obese. The rate of change for these statistics is even more alarming. Ten years ago only one in five were obese.”

“Obesity is far more than a worry or a cosmetic concern. It’s a disease-specifically much like a cancer marked by unregulated growth of fat cells, and therefore we need to be very aggressive in treating it.”

“Long-term chronic illnesses caused by obesity include diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, depression, some cancer and apnea.”

“A recent study in a leading obesity journal demonstrated that 85 percent of morbidly obese individuals have sleep apnea caused by their obesity. These individuals can wake up as many as 100 times per night because their oxygen levels drop and their high carbon monoxide level triggers them to wake up and breathe.”

It is my contention that cigarette smoking and obesity are the two most deleterious culprits with respect to medical risk factors and their adverse sequelae.

These two risk factors play a direct role in the medical/dental connection. Obesity is the primary cause of adult onset type 2 diabetes as well as a major inciting agent in obstructive sleep apnea. Please reference both “Diabetes” and “Sleep Apnea” on this website.

Don’t let obesity destroy your life.

Dr. Margaret Gaglione is the medical director of Tidewater Bariatrics in Chesapeake. She is a board-certified internal medicine physician and bariatric specialist who frequently speaks to businesses and medical practices on obesity, impact on business and society. She can be reached at 757-644-6819 or www.tidewaterbariatrics.com

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