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Dentist Reviews and Testimonials

Kind Words from Our Patients

Brian Brown

I was EXTREMELY afraid of coming to the dentist, but pain from my wisdom teeth made it absolutely necessary. Dr. Simmons and his staff were extremely understanding of my severe anxiety and fear of dental work and were very helpful in finding a way to make me comfortable during the procedure. The procedure went very smoothly and I remember very little. Afterwards, I had minimal discomfort. I think in Dr. Simmons I've finally found a dentist I'm comfortable going to and I would absolutely recommend his practice to ANYONE needing dental work.

Grea Darr

Dr. Simmons is truly the best there is. I was so worried about not being numb enough to feel pain and he reassured me that I wouldn’t feel a thing, even gave me extra anesthetic just to ease my worries. My two bottom wisdom teeth were extracted easily and quickly. Thank you again!

Beverly Toole

Professional as ever. You have a nice harmonious working atmosphere.


Going to the dentist is never fun, but Dr. Simmons’ office makes it as easy and painless as possible.

Brett Bashaw

You can’t beat consistently outstanding performance and staff quality of care anywhere!!!

Judi Tarantino

I always have such a great experience at Dr. Simmons’ office. He is the best at what he does and so is every member of his staff.

Sharon Huber

Very happy with Dr. Simmons and the entire staff. I am a fearful patient and I was treated with care, compassion and respect. I was never made to feel “silly” and my concerns were recognized and addressed. People here are just plain nice! I was told what was going to happen and kept informed. Probably the best experience I have had in many years. Still fearful, but I know I have found a dentist to stay with.

Carole Williams

“From childhood on every dental experience I had was horrific. I was not fearful…I was terrified. It was embarrassing to walk into a dental practice and faint in the reception area! I finally reached a point where there was no choice but to locate a dentist and a friend recommended Dr. Simmons. The most difficult thing was making the appointment and the drive there the first time. I was nervous at the first appointment but that was very short lived as I was made to feel so comfortable and at ease. Dr. Simmons along with Lisa and Ruth are such considerate and compassionate individuals. My comfort has always been their first concern. I would never have believed a year ago that I would have NO fear going to a dentist. Don’t make the mistake of waiting too long as I did if fear is what is stopping you. One visit to this practice and you will understand how they can make you overcome even the most deep rooted fears. I am only sorry I did not know about Dr. Simmons several years ago.”

Karen Peele

“Being that I have a fear of the dentist, I felt much more comfortable after meeting with your staff prior to my dental surgery. Dr. Simmons, you are such a wonderful person and dentist! Your patience and understanding of those fears is rare today. After I met you, I knew I was going to be in good hands…and I was right! May God bless you and your staff always.”

Jennifer Bentley

Police Officer

“Staring in approx. 2007, I started having a gag reflex. It started becoming more severe to the point that the dentist I had been at for approx. 5 years would no longer treat me. He suggested a dentist that had nitrous gas. I found another dentist that led me to believe they could treat me until they realized how bad my gag reflex was. The dentist threw the tools on the tray and stated he had a lobby of patients waiting and “I would suggest you see a sedation dentist.” It has been since 2008 that I have seen a dentist. Thanks to Google, I found this practice and I will never go anywhere else. The day I had my appointment, I was so comfortable.”

Lonice Williams

“I have always been scared to have any dental work done. I have had two very bad episodes as a young adult, which resulted in me being “banned” from a dental practice as I was viewed as a “hostile” patient as I felt my fears and needs were not met by the dental practice. I know that dental care is important and I have embraced my dental/oral care now. Dr. Simmons is the BEST dentist I have ever encountered. H e was so kind and concerned about my fears and my needs. He didn’t me feel bad about my poor dental health, but he has empowered me to take charge as he has comfortable options to allow me to get the service I need in a very friendly atmosphere. The staff here is great and I thank them for giving me back my dental health. I recommend that you give them a try!”

Linda Crouch

“Tiny, my new medication was Singular…thanks!”

Lisa Jones

“When I arrived at the office still not knowing what to expect concerning the procedure – even though I read all of the information pamphlet – the whole staff was wonderful in making you feel comfortable. Dr. Christie talked me through the entire procedure step by step. I felt a whole lot better – very little pain after the procedure. Well done – awesome – thank you to everyone at the office and Dr. Simmons for checking on me to sure all was well. Awesome. “

Lisa Lovgren

“Dr. Simmons was very sensitive to my personal needs. The entire staff was wonderful.”

Linda Crouch

Visits are always a pleasant experience! What a joy to see all the friendly faces of the staff in Dr. Simmons’ office. Professional, courteous, efficient and most of all, friendly.”

Andrea Walker

“Dr. Simmons is wonderful! He knows how to make you feel very at ease & always warns you & talks you through anything he’s about to do! Although I have been to the dentist more than I would’ve liked this year, my grandparents couldn’t have picked a better dentist for me to go to! He & his whole staff are great people!”

Judi Tarantino

“I always have a positive experience at Dr Simmons’ office. Every one of the staff there is wonderful, as is the doctor. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and I encourage everyone to go see him.”

Chris Ferretti

“Dr. Simmons and his team of professionals have been great to work with. They explain everything before they do it to ensure that you are comfortable each step of the way. I look forward to them helping me in the years to come and would highly recommend them!”


"I was referred to Dr. Simmons by another dentist because Dr. Simmons used sedation. On my initial sedation appointment I could not go to sleep or even be comfortable because of my anxiety. In April 2010, I came for my second attempt at sedation. I had to have a broken tooth extracted, perio scaling and a few fillings. The whole staff was very nice and made me feel very comfortable. Soon I went to sleep and when I woke up I was on my way to having a new smile! Dr. Simmons did a great job and I only experienced soreness in the days after. My teeth are so clean and I feel more comfortable smiling now. I hope that comfortableness with Dr. Simmons will help me keep my smile looking great in the years to come. Thank you Dr. Simmons and staff!"


"I have always had a tremendous fear of going to the dentist because of the pain I would have even for cleanings or anything to do with my gums (nerves). Therefore, I let my cleanings go and the plaque would build up. Whatever Dr. Simmons used allowed me to have a deep cleaning with no pain and I certainly would do it again. I feel better because my teeth are clean and I am not afraid to smile. Yes, the teeth (gums) were sensitive for approximately two weeks afterwards, but nothing unbearable. I would recommend Dr. Simmons to everyone. Thank you, Dr. Simmons."


"I had to have two teeth out and periodontal work. I have always been frightened of the dentist, having had several bad experiences of insensitive dental practices operating a “production line” type of service. Everyone at this office was very warm, understanding, and sensitive to my fears. I had the procedures done under light sedation and it really was an extremely comfortable experience. I knew what was going on, yet felt no anxiety or pain. I would definitely recommend this practice to friends, giving it a five star rating for the staff’s kindness and concern over my wellbeing."


"I am very fearful of going to the dentist. I had a very good experience with Dr. Simmons and staff. Lisa did a great job with finishing my cap. I will be back."


"Not liking to see a dentist at all, this was so good. Everyone is so good here. I just love it! I have told all my friends that don’t like dentists, “Go and see Dr. Simmons. He is the best.” He makes you feel good and is so caring. I love him and everyone who works with him. You all are the best. Thank you all so much."


"I had to get dentures and was very afraid of dentists (I’ve been coming to Dr. Simmons for about 15 years). But he made me very comfortable in the office with what I had to have done. I felt very relaxed having my teeth pulled. I’ll keep coming here forever."


"My experience at Dr. Simmons was extremely less traumatic than I had anticipated. I had not seen a dentist in a very long time, mostly because of bad childhood experiences. Dr. Simmons and his staff (Ruth) make sure you know exactly what they will be doing and will listen to your concerns before they proceed. They make you feel very comfortable, especially with their caring and pleasant personalities. I would and will recommend him and his staff. Especially if you are, or in my case was, scared of the dentist. They are fantastic!"


"I have gum disease that needed scaling and three wisdom teeth that needed extracting and serious anxiety associated with dental appointments of any kind. The conscious sedation I was given made a scary experience comfortable instead, and I hardly remember anything at all about the visit…yay! I would recommend the Dr. and everyone in his office as caring, experienced and great at what they do. Thank you again."


"I was under sedation and after no pain and I didn’t remember anything. I feel very good and glad I came here. Yes I would recommend to as many people as possible. Thanks everyone. Thank you Doc for being so kind to me. Keep up the good work"

Robert-Tattoo Artist

"I’ve had anxiety disorder for many years, always afraid to go to the dentist. Dr. Simmons talked with about my worries and made me feel much more comfortable. I was able to sit for a while and he was able to get a lot more done than I thought. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone, as it was to me. Thank you so much for everything."


"I got my wisdom teeth removed. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Simmons and the staff. I trusted that they would do a great job. After the surgery, when I had a question, Dr. Simmons was available to answer it even at a later hour in the day. I feel fine now with a little soreness on the left side but that is to be expected. I would recommend Dr. Simmons’ office to a friend. They are always welcoming."


"After several years of not going for dental work because of fear, Dr. Simmons and his staff helped me overcome my fear. The appointments were not stressful, they made the fear not so much of an issue, not painful and most of all my pain went away. During the extraction appointment, everyone was wonderful! I am now going to accomplish my next goal of getting regular dental care with no sedation! I cannot thank Dr. Simmons and the staff enough for everything they have done and continue to do."

Dana-Office Manager

"I spent my entire adulthood fearing the dentist. Childhood experiences left me with a great fear-the sounds of a drill, the touch of metal in my mouth-all of this was due to never having a good experience at the dentist as a child. Dr. Simmons and his wonderful staff were great in helping me through the sedation process-my appointment day I was scared but the drugs prescribed took the edge off. I was totally relaxed during the procedure and afterwards Dr. Simmons called the check on me. Overall, it was a good experience-as much as you can have going to the dentist."


"It had been a long time since I had been to the dentist. I chose Dr. Simmons because I wanted to go to a dentist that would fix my teeth and be sympathetic to my fears. I wasn’t disappointed. I used oral sedation the day of my procedure and Dr. Simmons was able to get all the work done in one visit. I was pleased with the work and will continue to go back!"

"I would definitely recommend Dr. Simmons and his staff to other fearful of going to the dentist."


"I recently experienced the wonderful things in life called wisdom teeth. I had one that drove me nuts. Since I have had Dr. Simmons since I was around six years of age, I did not feel comfortable having another dentist perform surgery to get those hateful things out. On surgery day, nerves hit me hard, but I knew I would be in great hands. During preparation, Dr. Simmons sat with me and watched the IV set up. Although I was knocked out due to sedation, I did not experience any issues during the procedure. Leaving the office, I had someone help me out to the vehicle, followed by a follow-up call from Dr. Simmons himself after that night. Recovery was nothing but a drag; however, Dr. Simmons did such a wonderful job that I did not have any major issues. I would not suggest anyone else but Dr. Simmons."


"I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed at the same time. They were causing me problem and pain so I couldn’t wait to get rid of the discomfort I had. I went under IV sedation and the two hour procedure felt like 10 minutes! I feel so much better now and I’m so glad I chose Dr. Simmons. I recommend him to everyone I know. Dr. Simmons and his staff really know how to take care of their patients and make them feel comfortable."

Louis-Systems Analyst

"To be honest, I’m not sure how I drummed up the courage the drive, let alone walk into Dr. Simmons’ office. But I did. Embarrassed and more scare than I’ve been in a while, I made my first appointment. Personally, I felt like it was the worst case they’ve ever seen, but at no point did I get treated any differently. I felt at ease. Unfortunately for me, my treatment required full extraction followed by immediate dentures. I chose sedation for the procedure due to my fear. I’m extremely glad that I did. I felt comfortable and relaxed. In fact, I think I dozed off for a few minutes."

"It’s been almost a week now and I feel pretty good about the way I look and most importantly how I feel about myself. Simply, thank you."


"I felt very comfortable when I came here to Dr. Simmons office and the staff was great. When I left from here I wasn’t scare anymore. The day of my surgery I was scared but when the nursed came to talk to me my nerves were at ease. I promise everyone who comes here will be very happy with Dr. Simmons and his staff. I will tell all of my friends and family about the dentistry. His prices are lower than the other dentists. After you leave her to go home they want you to call when you get home safely. Dr. Simmons will call you later that night. No other dentists do this! I will be back! Dr. Simmons spends his time with you unlike the other dentist in the area that makes you feel worse than you are! Thank you, Dr. Simmons and staff for making me feel better. Great job everyone for a job well done."

Marla MacLean

“I have had a lot of dental work done in the past, resulting in some very terrible experiences with previous dentists that made me very ashamed and fearful. I went many years without getting proper care for my teeth, and it started to show. I had many cavities and a broken tooth in the front, which was making me very self-conscious. I found Dr. Simmons’ ad in the Yellow Pages. I was very interested in the sedation. My husband made my appointment for me, and it was the best decision ever. Dr. Simmons and his staff are wonderful and define the word “quality!” In just a few short appointments, all of my dental issues have been repaired and I am no longer afraid to go to the dentist. Through it all, Dr. Simmons and his staff were caring, thoughtful, honest, and so very understanding! I am no longer ashamed to smile or talk to people, and I am no longer afraid of what the dentist is going to think. I love Dr. Simmons and his staff and will be forever grateful for what they have given back to me—confidence.”

James Beasley

“I came in here scared and in sad shape, with a head full of bad teeth. I was always scared of the dentist. I was sedated (thank god) or this would not have been taken care of. They got me straight. I now feel great, and yes, I would recommend this to anyone.”

Operations Manager

“Sedation dentistry has been wonderful for me. I really enjoy not being able to remember or feel any pain or discomfort. I would definitely recommend Dr. Simmons to someone who does not enjoy going to the dentist. Dr. Simmons and his staff do a wonderful job of making you feel as comfortable as possible.”

Retired Registered Nurse

"I broke my front tooth at the end of January, and I felt depressed and hopeless. I had such great fear of dentists. “They [Dr. Simmons and staff] saved my life,” according to my primary care physician and cardiologist, by monitoring my vital signs and requesting medical clearance before proceeding (I had to seek medical help for my extremely high blood pressure - stage 2 hypertension). I finally returned to Dr. Simmons’ office on May 14th and had a lot of work done, including three extractions. I felt comfortable and not scared the entire visit. The staff are all so helpful and pleasant. My second visit is tomorrow and for the first time in my life, I am not scared and feeling panicky. The two pills (at bedtime and morning) for the oral sedation really work wonders. All the pre and post procedure instructions are concise and clear. I now feel hopeful about having a nice smile and better overall health. I am so thankful and would definitely recommend Dr. Simmons and staff to friends and family."

Melva Davis

“I was tuned to 105.7 and heard ads for no pain dentistry. I was impressed with Dr. Simmons’ staff. The sedation was very good—no ill effects at all. I could tell after I came home that I would have a better mouth than when I first came to you good people. I could not take the Tylenol 3, because it caused an upset stomach, but regular Tylenol was fine. I did not suffer any other effects of the surgery. It feels so good to have a nice and business-like office such as yours. I would gladly recommend you to anyone needing the services you provide. My mouth feels better than it has in a long time, thanks to you.”

Andrew Revell

“Came in for severe pain in a wisdom tooth, a tooth that had been in bad shape for some time. I visited a dentist about 18 months ago to try to get it removed, but couldn’t go through with the procedure. The procedure here was tolerable and got the job done, which is the best I could have expected, given my fear of needles. The tooth has been out for over a week, and it’s a great relief to no longer have to worry about it!”

Anita Mooney

“The sleepy zone is the best. I would have it done again. I did not hear, feel, or remember a thing. After I woke up, I was not ill, just happy, so happy I thought I could have my husband take me to JoAnn Fabrics and shop for a few things. I should have followed my orders to go straight home. I was a little high for shopping around. I slept most of the way back to Kill Devil Hills. The pain came alive when I got home. Taking two Tylenol and three Advil took the pain away. I did not feel sick, just tired. I would do it again if I had to. Thank you so much.”

Autumn Bellamy

“I needed extensive dental work. I have always been afraid of the dentist, so I needed to be sedated to be comfortable. Dr. Simmons and his staff are VERY friendly and attentive. I had ALL of the dental work I needed done in one sitting. I feel wonderful now, and would never consider another dentist. I highly recommend Dr. Simmons to anyone!”

Cynthia Reyes

“It had been a few years since I visited a dentist because of my fear. When I was young, I had a great dentist—he retired—and I could not find a dentist to replace him. I knew I needed some problem teeth fixed. I saw Dr. Simmons’ ad and took a chance. I’m glad I did. I feel much better about my teeth and I plan to continue with Dr. Simmons. Everyone in the office is pleasant and no one judges you. I would recommend [Dr. Simmons] to any of my friends, and my husband has decided to switch. Thanks for everything.”

Brian Beske
Delivery Driver

“The extractions were completely painless! Recovery and down time were non-existent. I had the work done Thursday p.m., and Friday a.m. I was out and about. This is the only pleasant dental experience in my whole (52 year) life!”

Betty Jenkins

“I had a lot of bone loss and had my upper teeth removed. I was very nervous about the procedure, but with the sedation I didn’t feel any pain at all during the entire procedure. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone I know who is having dental work done.”

Paula Ambrose

“The sedation dentistry was wonderful. It allowed everything to be completed in one visit, which was super convenient. During the sedation it was relaxed, comfortable, and pain free. It also helped with my ‘dentist anxiety.’ The staff was fantastic. They were attentive and very interested in my comfort. Afterward, the Tylenol/Advil together worked great. My gums were sensitive for a few days afterwards. I would recommend sedation dentistry to anyone who has ever “dreaded” the dentist visit.”

Sara Forbes
Nurse Practitioner/Educator

“The staff is wonderful! I appreciate the opportunity to use sedation, which greatly helps the experience. Although going to the dentist isn’t my favorite pastime, the treatments used at Dr. Simmons’ office make the experience much easier to handle. Would highly recommend.”

Bernie Taylor
Real Estate Broker

“My teeth were in very poor condition. Through conversation, a recommendation was made to save my lower teeth and remove the upper ones. The process of saving my lower teeth was rather painless. The medication I was given relaxed me, and the staff was kind and sensitive to my fears. One thing that spoke to both my husband and myself was the phone call from Dr. Simmons the evening of my procedure. His call to make sure I was doing okay spoke volumes to me. I feel my mouth is on the road to recovery and health. I would highly recommend Dr. Simmons and his staff to anyone who needs dental work.”

Alexander D.
Rural Mail Carrier

“It was a nice experience. Going to the dentist has always scared me because of previous bad experiences. Dr. Simmons was wonderful, and he checked up on me four hours after I left the office just to see how I was doing. He talked to me when I was here, and made me feel good and not scared. I’m happy, and I’m coming here for myself and my family. Trust me, Dr. Simmons is great.”


“Had my teeth cleaned and two teeth pulled. When I had my teeth pulled, I was put partially asleep. It was very nice having them pulled that way. I didn’t have a whole lot of pain from the procedure. Dr. Simmons called me that night to check on me. I thought that was real nice. There are so many doctors who don’t do that.”

Project Manager

“I came to see Dr. Simmons after 12 years of being terrified of the dentist. Dr. Simmons and his staff immediately understood my trepidation and worked with me in a patient and gentle manner. In addition, Dr. Simmons was able to offer me a sedation service that allowed me to start my journey toward getting back a healthy mouth. After numerous procedures, I could not be more satisfied with my sedation and dental service. I now am able to come in for normal dental maintenance with very little fear. And even when I am a little anxious, Dr. Simmons and his staff continue to be understanding and supportive. I drive over half an hour, passing many other dentists to see Dr. Simmons. Not only would I recommend Dr. Simmons to a friend, but I have now started bringing my 14-year-old son to him as well. I could not be more grateful to Dr. Simmons and his entire staff for everything they have done.”

Restaurant Owner

“I had not been to a dentist in years, and it showed. I needed three teeth pulled, two filled, and my gums cleaned from top to bottom. Thanks to sedation, Dr. Simmons was able to do everything at once. I was very relaxed and had very little pain after. I would highly recommend Dr. Simmons to anyone. Thank you to all at Dr. Simmons’ office.”

April Lowe
HS Teacher and Coach

“I had a wisdom tooth that came in and started to bother me. I was actually given the opportunity to come in the next day, but couldn’t make it. Once I was seen, I was told that two wisdom teeth needed to come out. I was given great instructions on what would happen. I was asked if I wanted my procedure done here or for me to be recommended to someone else. Of course I would only trust Dr. Simmons to do it. They then asked if I wanted oral sedation or IV. I felt better going the oral route. The day of the procedure I had someone with me from the time I came in through completion. They also helped me to my car, and called to check on me the night I got home as well as the next day. I think they did an amazing job, and the staff is so friendly. I would recommend anyone visit this office!”

Tara Tisdale
Nursing Student

“Dr. Simmons and his staff are number one in my book. I have a lot of dental problems and a phobia of dentists that started very early in my childhood. Thanks to Dr. Simmons and oral sedation, I can come and get the work I need without the fear of pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Simmons for any dental work you may need.”

Janice Hassell

“I had severe anxiety when thinking about going to the dentist, and hadn’t gone in five years. I thought all dental procedures were supposed to be painful. Dr. Simmons and his wonderful staff showed me that a trip to the dentist can be both painless and anxiety-free. They also provided me with the education and tools to keep my teeth and mouth healthy for a lifetime. They are wonderful and I recommend them to anyone looking for a painless, caring dentist and staff!”

Cynthia C.
Photo Specialist

“My experience at Dr. Simmons’ office was a wonderful one. I needed two wisdom teeth removed, a filling, and a tooth cleaning. All went well. I was terrified of the dentist, as many people are; however, after visiting Dr. Simmons’ office, I do not have nearly as much anxiety about dental visits. The entire staff is excellent and Dr. Simmons is a remarkable dentist. I had many doubts when I stepped into the office the day of my dental work. Today I have revisited the office to have stitches removed, and this will surely not be my last visit. I have already recommended Dr. Simmons and his great staff to several friends and co-workers since my visit, and will continue to speak their praises. To all those questioning IV sedation: it is a wonderful thing.”


"I will gladly recommend Dr. Simmons. With over 40 years of unhappy dental visits, I can now say I’ve found a dentist I will return to. My relationship here started with a well past-due routine checkup. The initial visit showed a need for an extraction as well as the need of a crown. All was done in a friendly and caring atmosphere with personal attention to relieve my anxiety. I never thought I would have anything positive to say about a dentist. Yet, I am happy to say my experiences here have all been positive. Thank you."

Administrative Assistant

"I had an infected wisdom tooth and was in a lot of pain. Dr. Simmons and his team did such a wonderful job; from the first visit to the surgery they were very helpful! The sedation surgery went so well. I didn’t feel any pain at all during the surgery, and I was very relaxed throughout the entire thing. I wish I would have known about the sedation process a long time ago. I might not have been so 'afraid' of the dentist. I would recommend Dr. Simmons to everyone."

Rehab Counselor

"I had the opportunity to read about Dr. Simmons on his website as well as in my local phonebook. I’m living in Elizabeth Chesapeake, North Carolina and have gone to a local dentist. On every visit that I needed an extraction, I would have to be sedated by a needle. I didn’t become sick but it was very painful. I have put off having dental work done, because I just didn’t feel I could handle the whole needle/gas process. Since coming to Dr. Simmons’ dental practice, I have overcome the grief from making appointments and following through on having a great smile. The whole process of sedation has been positive, and I’m no longer ashamed of my teeth. I’ve come a long way since last October, but I’m glad. Thank you Dr. Simmons and staff for making my visits so successful."


"Dr. Simmons, As you know by now, my reason for coming for a consultation was to discuss with you if there was a way to save my teeth. During our conversation, I told you it had been 30 years since I had been to a dentist, embarrassing as that was to admit, but I know my time was running out. Over the years I have become claustrophobic and have panic attacks, so that was a big part of not coming in (not to make excuses). When I heard you on the radio, your calming voice helped me a lot. You know, sometimes just hearing someone who is calm and caring means so much to people who suffer from conditions like mine. I hope that when people hear you they will decide to come in and at least talk to you. It will be the best thing that they have done for themselves. I know it was for me. P.S. I’d like to thank you and your staff for the kindness and caring that you have shown me. You treated me as a human being, and not as a number. And, by the way, the sedation that you offer is wonderful. I hope that if anyone hears my words it will help them. I will definitely recommend you to others."

Diane Hoaglund

***It is only with the help of oral conscious sedation that I am able to have my teeth properly cared for. I went 25 years without dental care because I was afraid to go to the dentist. Then I found a dentist who didn't think I was just being silly. I have been his regular patient ever since.***

Florence Hurdle

***My name is Florence Hurdle I am a fear patient when it comes to going to the dentist. I had a bad experience as a child from going to the dentist; it has followed me through my adult life. Now that I'm aware of oral sedation, I feel comfortable going to the dentist again after many years. Even still to this day that one experience still plays back in my mind. Knowing that I have a choice in oral conscious sedation takes the fear away of going to the dentist. The sedation worked very well for me, I was relaxed and the dentist was able to complete the needed dental work.***

Joyce Cauley

**My name is Joyce Cauley, I'm 47 yrs old. I would rather tackle a grizzly bear than to go to the dentist. That was until I met Dr. Robert Simmons of Chesapeake, Va. My teeth and gums were in bad shape and I was scared to death. But he was so nice and told me that he could use oral conscious sedation. Well, to make a long story short, thank god for oral conscious sedation--it worked great for me. There were no side effects and I got my teeth and gums straight.**